Simon Morykin

At 9 years old, I think I am probably the youngest radio presenter in Tenerife. Well, 9.25 years old, to be precise. Unless you count my years on Earth, then they put me at a much higher number!

I’m one of those people who was born on a day which just doesn’t exist, most years!

When I’m not counting down to my next birthday, I love cooking. I think my favourite dish to cook is a tasty sausage casserole, or a delicious Sunday roast dinner. Or lamb chops on potatoes. You get it – I love my food.

You’ll never find me in a gym, instead I’ll be propping a bar up somewhere. When we can. When we’re not in a Pandemic. A pint of beer, a glass of wine or… well anything with alcohol in. Except those awful free shots they give you in the bars in Tenerife!

My friends call me Monkey – because I’m often the one who’s up to no good! I love having a laugh with people. Like the time I put the boss’ clock in his office forward by an hour, so that he went home an hour early!

Originally from sunny Bolton, I’m now living in sunny Sheffield with my other half Amy and our little 5 month old dream of a baby boy – Freddie.

I love music, I can’t dance but I can pick awesome songs while you do the dancing!


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